Didn’t go and visit though.

Didn’t go and visit though.

Not sure on the significance of these performers, however they were in character.

Not sure on the significance of these performers, however they were in character.

shooting to wound vs kill

I’d been reading a bit more of the proper methods of taking down a dangerous person, and some of it does make sense, specifically when the attacker is using a gun themselves.

If the police fears for their safety, they shoot for in the middle of the attacker’s body, instead of an appendage (the common thought is that hitting an appendage will stop the perpetrator and prevent a death), however no one has perfect aim, and hitting a smaller target, of course, is not desirable when your life is on the line. The second reason is that the perpetrator still has the ability to fight back (the confusion with Hollywood takes on this is part of the reason there is public misconception - that I even have probably thought of as well).

As for the amount of bullets used, I’ve read that it has to do with assessing the situation as well as eliminating a threat. This makes sense, if the perpetrator is wielding a gun, even with one gun shot wound he can still manage to dish something out of his own. As well, just shooting one shot, might be viewed as a biased impulse.

I’m not sure how a police officer is supposed to assess the threat - while shooting their target though.

Also, apparently not that many police officers carry tasers (in the US).

As for the Powell case, he was carrying a knife, which according to witnesses, and the video, he was not inherently using it to threaten.

So in the end, I understand why the police shot him, and why they shot him so many times, but to do this with someone wielding a knife that barely looks like they’re attacking, doesn’t sit right.

Is the desensitization of America, so much so, that as long as someone is presented with a threat, that it’s okay to respond with lethal force? I mean, I’m seeing youtube comments from all sorts of videos where the police are using excessive force, commenters saying it’s okay, because the cop was threatened (bar the probably inevitable trolls).

I mean it looks as though this whole plight comes in tandem with the issues of gun control and gun culture, mixed in with a bit of an ego trip.

It just doesn’t seem right to shoot someone… several times when they themselves are not carrying a gun, or other device that can kill from a distance. Yes, moments like these are unpredictable, but something like a taser could have a more positive result (though I’m aware of the leathality it has also caused).

I’m limited as my experience and perspective as a Canadian though, so I perhaps am (though I am hoping I am not), naive.

EDIT: On a side note, it’s always good to stay grounded when crazy news like this happens, and to otherwise avoid mainstream media. That is to say, they’ll report this sort of thing and sensationalize it, to gain viewers, and ultimately money. (Interestingly enough a black cop killed a supposedly unarmed white man in Salt Lake city, and is not being as massively reported as is Ferguson. Fair enough, I guess, but just keep that in mind. Try to keep a tally of how much something is reported, vs. something else. Not so much because of the equality of the representation, but its purpose. Obviously people may be more interested in Ferguson, so they decidedly keep their news honed in on there. Just a thought.

Some heavier writing from me for a change :3

A very interesting video, albeit disturbing. Even in the video, it appears as though Alvin is nervous (somewhat signs of PTSD) from the incident, and having to recall it again.

What’s interesting is, partially related to this, on I think the A & E network, or similar channel there’s a bunch of these 48 response police shows, and obviously a lot of the times they are confronting black people. When brought in for questioning (innocent or not), they don’t fully understand their rights, in that they can get a lawyer and not have to have an unfiltered conversation with the police. And the police take advantage of this. Sure in some situations this can be beneficial (a case which is time sensitive), but the black people being interviewed seem to take it in stride as though it’s expected of their lifestyle (I believe this is called “Labeling theory” in terms of Deviance in regards to sociology). What this seems to end up creating, as a result, is an inclusive group within their own community wherein they’d perhaps rather protect themselves than comply with police personnel due to ostracization of race.


What the absolute fuck? Sure the guy was carrying a steak knife, but he never appeared to be running towards the police (if anything casually walking towards them), and responding with 12 gunshots? That’s absolute overkill - murder. I don’t know what was going through his head at the time (asking to be shot, among other things), but this is so fucked up… I mean is that the reality in America? If the perpetuater is black, shoot first, ask questions later? I’m sure this is much more common in America than I’ve seen via media (not living in America, and being privy to all the information is part of that reason). And I’m sure there are also a ton of unreported or lesser cases of police racial profiling that don’t end up in death/murder…

My best guess if this was a white person, they’d have tried to subdue the person and get them the proper psychological help, whereas if Powell were still alive, he’d just be sent to a maximum security prison, without parole, and without help from the professionals needed - if that be the case…


The aforementioned church with the rocks that inspired its design

The aforementioned church with the rocks that inspired its design

Let’s just hope that Ferguson becomes more relevant and lasting than Occupy Wall Street…

Ferguson thoughts…

Man… never have I seen parallels from the Stanford Prison Experiment being quite so exacerbated as I have, this week.

Not to mention a very clear power trip, honed in racial profiling.

I don’t think the police understand that the people in Ferguson will not stop protesting until Darren Wilson is accounted for his actions and brought to justice. Sure there are conflicting reports all over the place on what took place, but at least evidence such as being shot 6 times - speaks for itself.

And speaking of ‘conflicting reports’, it’s nice that the media is trying to get to ground zero and what not, but I do hope that viewers actively question the validity of what is being said. That’s not to say a lot of what we’ve seen is untrue (I’m sure it’s quite the opposite), but that it’s healthy to have an objective eye (granted I understand this is a different situation for someone actively in the area, or to whom it actively effects). After all, the bigger media is merely wanting an audience, as viewership, and advertising generates their income - they are a business after all, so be weary.

Lastly, social media is a powerful tool in awareness, and otherwise publicity. However, I’ve seen people making or encouraging a variation of threats to the police and whatnot (I mean, I understand the police are no longer doing their job as it appears like they have gone over the edge - kind of psycho with power), but it will not improve the situation…

PS. For everything else happening in the world - war, discord, enmity or otherwise something similar, I do sincerely wish it could all end…

EDIT: Also with all those posts of military personnel lamenting that you never point a gun at someone unless if you intend to shoot - you’d think these officers would have at least known this by now, and stopped threatening people with a deadly weapon - rubber bullets or not…